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SUN 21.04.2019


open from 10:00pm

[mina, suspension]
BEIN *live*
[theatre records, suspension]

exhibition ‘IN NOMINE MEO’ by DOGMA IX

Deestricted is a Berlin based party, managed by the techno squad members from the event company Meet Compact Club. It is the darkest side who aims to explore the boundaries of raw industrial sounds through loud beats and ripetitive rhythms in several artistic ways.

On Easter Sunday 21st takes place a mystical celebration combining creative art and music experience. At daytime is presented the art exhibition titled "In nomine meo" which consists of an intrapersonal investigation to comprehend ourselves individuality and limits. When the night takes over, our souls will be driven by Marum, the new project Bein and the dark forces of Deescrited's resident djs Elios and Gian Marco Ricci delivering tasty techno dishes till the end. Art by day. Hard dance by night. Amen!

art exhibition by Dogma IX 'IN NOMINE MEO' //

In nomine meo (in my name) is nothing short of an intrapersonal investigation, a research journey aiming to satisfy the need of fully comprehending one’s individuality and limits, where the only given hint is also the starting point: the others. Only by analyzing and making comparisons with other individuals, things, areas and spaces containing us and our movements it becomes possible to identify a shape that somehow resembles ourselves. Puzzlement and doubt are what push men to create beliefs, traditions and customs rather than finding a permanent solution and filling the void generated by the need of a sense of belonging, which seems to be vital.

A single individual gets lost in the shadow of something bigger, more complete and even divine, some sort of tool unconsciously used to magnify their self-worth while ignoring how fragile and material human nature actually is. Beliefs collapsing and dogmas breaking down are like flesh and blood for men au fait with evolutions and transformations, ready to embrace change rather than bowing down to convention and this becomes achievable solely through self-reflection and expressing in one’s name and individuality.

FRI 26.04.2019


open from 11:59pm

[kompakt, art of vengeance, se]
[smallville, pampa]
[king street sounds, nite grooves]
[family unit]

Der iranisch-schwedische DJ und Produzent Aril Birkha bereichert schon seit über 21 Jahren die internationale Szene der elektronischen Musik. Zunächst veröffentlichte er auf schwedischen Labels wie Dunkla, Plump und Planktown. Er erkannte jedoch bald, dass seine Musik nicht das war, was die lokalen Labels suchten. Den Durchbruch schaffte er zwei Jahre nachdem er seinen Track ‚Groove La Chord‘ veröffentlicht hatte, als dieser von Derrick May in Chicago gespielt wurde. 1998 wurde sein Track ‚The Art of Vengeance‘ auf Derrick May’s Sublabel ‚Fragile‘ herausgebracht, zwei Jahre später sein Debütalbum auf ‚Transmat‘.
Die Frage, ob es sich bei Birkhas Musik um Techno, House, oder Deep House handelt, lässt sich nicht beantworten. Sie ist alles und nichts, aber vor allem ist sie zeitlos.
Mit an Board dieser Klubnacht sind auch Christopher Rau von Smallville Records, Derive Schallplatten und Pampa, der durch seinen von Dub beeinflussten, deep-hypnotischen Techno immer wieder den Nerv der Zeit trifft und Berny, der durch seinen internationalen Hit ‚Shplatten‘ längst kein unbeschriebenes Blatt mehr in der Szene ist. Unterstützt werden sie von Katy De Jesus von der Family Unit und der Hush Crew aus Berlin.
The Swedish-Iranian DJ and producer Aril Birkha has been enriching the international electronic music scene for more than 21 years. He initially released on Swedish labels such as Dunkla, Plump and Planktown, but soon realized that his music wasn't what local labels were looking for. His breakthrough came two years after he had released his track 'Groove La Chord'; when it was played by Derrick May in Chicago. In 1998, his track 'The Art of Vengeance' got released on Derrick May's sublabel 'Fragile', followed by his debut album on 'Transmat' two years later.
Is Birkha's music techno? Is it House? Is it Deep House? It is everything and nothing. First and foremost, it is timeless.
Part of this club night are also Christopher Rau from Smallville, Derive and Pampa records, an artist who sets trends time and time again with his dub-influenced, deep-hypnotic techno, and Berny who is – largely thanks to his international hit ‚Shplatten’ - not unknown to the scene anymore. Support act will be Katy De Jesus, a member of Family Unit and Hush crew from Berlin.

SUN 28.04.2019


open from 11:59pm

[mechatronica, cultivated electronics, cp]

Berlin based record label, promoter and collective, Mechatronica, joins us to host a special night of Rituals as they present a strong international lineup of DJs and producers from their label across the styles of electro, acid, techno, EBM, breaks and more.

Assembler Code (AU / UK)
[Mechatronica, Cultivated Electronics, CPU, Boysnoize]

The Sydney-based producer burst on to the electro scene a couple of years back, and has since then built an impressive discography through collaborations with Jensen Interceptor, spanning across labels like Central Processing Unit, Cultivated Electronics, Boysnoize, Private Persons, his own International Chrome and Mechatronica.

Daribone (live) (CHL / DE)

Daribone is a spiritual dimension where space and sound become one being. In connection with technology, the Chilean producer and co-owner of Mechatronica blends electro, EBM, new beat, synth, techno and more, generating nostalgic melodies from a present future.

Mejle (DK / DE)

Label head MEJLE’s rugged and dynamic approach to DJing blends with a decade-long passion for collecting music and mixing records, producing energetic sets that seamlessly surf across styles, tempos and dimensions.

Milan Hermess (NL / DE)

With strong roots in the Dutch dance music scene and an incredible record collection to boot, the Dutch DJ and Mechatronica resident moves through space and time, carefully fusing acid, electro, new wave, techno and everything in-between.

FRI 03.05.2019


open from 11:59pm

[maeva, innervisions]
[suicide circus, fingers inc]
[get physical, spagat music]

[fanciful, visionclub records]

Der in Berlin lebende Künstler Baikal produziert seinen unverkennbaren Stil elektronischer Musik, und bewegt sich dabei frei inmitten von Techno und House. Nach der Veröffentlichung seine Karriere stark vorantreibenden Pelican's Flight EP auf seinem Label Maeve, arbeitete er an zwei verschiedenen Projekten mit Mano Le Tough und The Drifter. Eine seiner nennenswertesten Produktionen ist der Remix zu Vaal's Track ,Wander' auf dem Label Afterlife. Bei dieser Klub Nacht wird auch Suicide Circus Resident Robert Owens aus Chicago eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Als einer der wohl einflussreichsten House-Sänger hat er das Genre nicht nur verschönert, sondern auch eine Menge zu seiner Geschichte beigetragen. Der Einstieg in die damals gerade entstehende Welt der House-Musik in Chicago erfolgte jedoch nicht durch Roberts Gesang, sondern seine Fähigkeiten als DJ. Titel wie Tears ,I'll Be Your Friend' und ,Ordinary People' sind nur zwei der Songs, die seine Samtstimme in sich tragen und heute als Klassiker der Tanzmusik gelten. 2008 erschien Owens erstes Album ,Night Time Stories' nach zehn Jahren.
Auch Haito von Get Physical, ebenfalls ein alter Hase der elektronischen Szene, ist mit an Board. Dank Gigs auf der Mayday und Loveparade, sowie diversen Auftritten auf der ganzen Welt ist er zu einem internationalen Top-Dj geworden. Zusammen mit seinem Freund Lexy gründete er 2002 das Label Spagat Music und veröffentlichte darauf und auf zahlreichen anderen seine Musik.
Support Act ist der italienische DJ und Produzent Hiknos.
Moving between several spheres of Techno and House, Berlin-based artist Baikal is known to produce an unmistakeable style of electronic music.
Following the release of his career spurring Pelican's Flight EP on his own label Maeve, he started working on two seperate projects with Mano Le Tough and The Drifter. One of his most noteworthy productions is his remix of Vaal's Track ‚Wander' on Afterlife.
Suicide Circus resident Robert Owens from Chicago will also play an important role in this Klub Nacht. As one of the most influential house singers Robert not only embellished house music, but contributed a great deal to its history. However, he did not enter into Chicago's emerging world of house music through his vocals, but thanks to his abilities as a DJ. Titles like 'Tears', 'I'll Be Your Friend' and 'Ordinary People' are just a few of the songs that carried his velvet voice and went on to become classic dance records. In 2008 Owens released his first album in ten years: Night-time Stories. Haito from Get Physical - another veteran - is also on board. Gigs at Mayday and Loveparade, as well as various performances around the world, have made Haito an international top DJ. Together with his friend Lexy he founded the label Spagat Music in 2002 and has released music on it and on many others. Supporting act is Italian DJ and producer Hiknos.

SAT 04.05.2019


open from 11:59pm

[warp records, firescope]
[don’t, super rhythm trax]
[rebel intelligence]
[pyramid transmissions, earthlings]
[suicide circus, arkada records]

[mindwaves music, arkada records]

Arkada and Pyramid Transmissions are joining the powerst o bring the first label night of ist kind to take place on 4th of May at Suicide Circus Berlin. For this special event we have invited a few names that have a very important impact in our underground scene nowadays and we are delighted to announce our headliners for the night.
One of the legends, the one half of B12 and label owner of Infamouse FireScope Records – Steven Rutter [warp records, firescope], who is making electronic music for almost 30 years, he i soften cited as one of the creators of UK techno. This time he is coming to do a special LIVE set for us.
Our second headliner is an artist who represents DJing in its most vivid creative and versatile form – Jerome Hill [don’t, super rhythm trax], who will show to us his deep love of the music together with his infamous ‚hands on‘ scratching and mixing skills in 2 hours of intense set presented at our night. Coming next is a very special person to us, the man behind the graphics and artwork of Arkada – Agent2 [rebel intelligence], who is also the label owner of Rebel Intelligence will be there to provide a high-end electronic sound experience and mixing skills behind the decks. He has held residencies at the London electro night Scand and the BLOC Festival, having warmed up for the likes of Aphex Twin, Four Tet and Model 500.
Supporting the night in our main room are the people who are responsible for this event to happen. Our best person and label owner of Pyramid Transmissions – ADJ [pyramid transmissions, earthlings], who has been the core of UK Electro scene for over 30 years as a producer/dj/promoter and radioshow host for the Electro/Electronica scene. ADJ has recorded for many labels including Touchin Bass, Cultivated Electronics, Outside US, diffuse reality, Digital Distortions and many more. His sets are packed with 808 beats, quaking bass, fractured glitches and thunderous energy.
Errorbeauty [arkada, suicide circus] Bulgarian born DJ/Producer, label head at Arkada and resident at Suicide Circus and Dodo Club in London, Errorbeauty has been taking dancefloors by storm from Berlin Atonal via UK and all over Europe with her unique and energetic DJ sets drifting between dirty electro and raw broken techno, you will feel the creative energy that fills her sets and moves dance floors.
In our second room we are excited to bring a couple of acts starting with a first vinyl set of Serge Geyzel (arkada, mindwaves music], who is the maestro behind the half of our 2nd Arkada (releases on 8th of April) and soon to be expected his first solo LP on Emsig radio.
Camino Acid [earthlings] hailing from US aka Senor Frio [pt, digital distortions] and Scifisol [detroit underground, earthlings] who will be dopping serious Electro/Techno vibes with a very special modular Live set for their first Berlin show.


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